Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!
Busy as can Be--2 Years Old!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pediatric Visit/Seth Surgery

Well Brandt endured another round of immunizations this week. Weight was 11lb 10oz @ the pediatrician's, but he'd had a rough day of projectiles right before, and is still tracking consistently, so his doctor was fine with that. We also discussed the options for physical therapy, and while he can see some of the muscle tone issues the doctor in Charleston pointed out, he feels it's normal lag for what he's been through. We're going to hold off on any more (PT) appointments for a couple months and see how he's doing by his 6-mos check. They were not able to give him the vaccine for RSV as I thought they had said they could, but hopefully we can get that scheduled with his next cardiologist appointment since that's yet another medical office we'll have to visit once a month throughout the winter/flu months.

Seth was scheduled to have a skin and gum graft completed today on top of everything else going on right now. He had a tooth with an exposed root that had already begun some bone erosion. The doctor was going to at least clip the frenulum so the gum would not pull away any further. He was not sure how Seth would do for him to take the gum from the roof of his mouth and graft it at this age, since he's too young for general anesthesia. But he did want to prevent any further bone erosion and it had to be done before he could get braces, in any case, so I was thrilled that Seth did AMAZING to sit still and quietly enough for them to finish the whole procedure. Now we'll have the fun job of keeping him quiet for two more weeks, ha! Those of you who know Seth realize that his name is an antonym of quiet:-) But he's definitely growing up, and I was thankful to be able to watch the procedure and better understand what the doctor was trying to accomplish. I never thought I had the stomach for this kind of stuff, but love for your child can really be a great motivator...we have certainly seen that more than once this year!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

4 months old!

Laughing during diaper change
Amazing to think that 4 short months ago, no four LONG months ago--take your pick--we were awaiting little Brandt's arrival. Both with great anticipation and trepidation. And he is such a precious addition to our family life, what a little love. We all vie to get his smiles and laughs. Anyway, he's had a great week with probably the least amount of reflux since we brought him home, so encouraging. He weighed in at the cardiologist 11lbs 8 oz, so he's put on over a pound since his last cardiology appointment. This was also our shortest visit yet, as everything continues stable...next week is 4 mos pediatric appt and he will start his RSV vaccine regimen. These additional shots are highly recommended for any babies with heart or lung problems, and he'll have to have 1 per month through probably March of next year.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cardiology/High Risk Clinic Appts

Well the last couple weeks with Brandt have been very challenging as he's struggled with head congestion and had more than normal reflux episodes. Plus he seemed sleepier than normal and lack his normal good appetite, so I was really glad we had a scheduled cardiologist appt and echocardiogram on the 9th. He hadn't gained much weight--10lb 14oz-- but everything continues stable...no additional valve leakage, no narrowing of his aortic arch, strong function for the shunt and right side of his heart. Glenn and I both will meet with Dr. Raunikar the beginning of October for an overview of the heart catheterization and second surgery, the Glenn procedure.

We also went back to Charleston on Tuesday Sept 14 for Brandt's first high risk follow-up clinic. Basically a doctor examined him to determine if the open heart surgery and recovery have caused developmental delays. From here on we will attend these clinics locally, but they recommended this first one be done at MUSC where they have been following him and monitoring his condition so closely until the second surgery. The doctor's main concern is possible lack of muscle tone...they have recommended a second analysis by a physical therapist. She felt his torso muscles were weak and his fists too tightly clenched as when babies are first born. But Glenn and I both felt that a 10-minute exam after a four hour car trip isn't really an accurate reflection of his true "muscle tone" and aren't concerned. Of course they also want him to gain more weight. Even though he weighed in at 11lbs 1oz for the first time, he is hovering barely at the 5th%. The doctor also mentioned seeing a nutritionist, which is something to consider.

While I'm sure physical therapy can't hurt, neither the cardiologist here nor the pediatrician have noticed significant delays, and they see him much more often. So a lot of driving, but we are thankful they want to see him grow and develop as strong as possible...and we got to see some of our friends on 7C, meet another heart mom I had e-mailed but not met in person previously, and catch up with Melissa our dear friend with Cross Bridge Ministries. Her little guy Mason just got to move to 7C! The surgeon's assistants were also available and it was great to visit with them and show off our sweet Brandt. Time well-spent!