Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!
Busy as can Be--2 Years Old!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Blue" Week

Just want to let everyone know that Brandt has had several "blue" episodes and more difficulty than usual with breathing this past week. We thought this was mostly from a head cold and some very minor congestion, but when we went for his RSV shots his sats had dropped down to the 70s. His oxygen had been running in the low 90s, which was very good. The pulmonary dr. gave him some oxygen for a short time and paged Brandt's cardiologist, who was able to come take a look at him.
He explained any kind of change for a baby with limited oxygen saturations can cause dips like this, and agreed that the head congestion is affecting his breathing. His sats came back up, and since that time have just been fluctuating up and down. We had a follow-up appointment on Monday to make sure no further treatment is needed before his heart cath in Charleston, and his shunt and lungs remain clear. Dr. Raunikar feels that these "blue episodes" are indicative that he is outgrowing the first surgery and that we are right on track for the heart cath next week. In a way, this development is encouraging because when he was doing so well and staying so stable, it's really hard to feel that he's ready for that next surgery. Now, while we still dread what he will go through in the next few weeks, we are SO THANKFUL that the time is close to go forward with the next repair.
Here's a link with a very concise explanation of the repairs for hypoplastic left heart syndrome, if you'd like to understand a little of what Dr. Bradley will be doing for Brandt during the bi-directional Glenn procedure...


  1. Hi! I'm sorry that I haven't emailed you back before now. Long story short, my computer died and I had to google search to find Brandt's blog. :)

    Rebekah is currently recovering from her open heart surgery and is doing pretty well. Right now just a partially collapsed lung and arterial lines are keeping us in the PCICU. We are hoping to move up to 7C this weekend.

    If we are still here on the 18th we would love to meet you for lunch, or whatever might fit into your schedule. If not, let's plan to get together sometime soon at home. :)

    Please feel free to email again (there is a link on Rebekah's blog) and hopefully I won't lose your email this time!

    Nancy (mommy to Rebekah)

  2. I'm sorry this week has been so hard for Brandt. Praying.

  3. Hey Lindy, I just happened to stop by today and am glad that I did. There is probably a way for me to get updates other than remembering to google this blog, but I am sooooo behind the blog times! Please, if you happen to send txt updates again around his surgery, include me in them! Meantime I hope this next month of anticipation of it goes well. Love, Heather