Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!
Busy as can Be--2 Years Old!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dedication/Extra Surgery Info

Brandt with Nannie+Pa

We were so happy it worked out for Brandt to have his church baby dedication service this past Sunday, just before going in to have his next surgery. Acknowledging that our children are God's gifts and praying for Him to use them really helps put life's challenges in perspective... Brandt was of course oblivious to this momentous event, other than being fascinated with his new surroundings and determined to check out the guitarist standing behind Glenn. Oh and removing his hat (pictured above). Since we've really tried to keep him away from crowds and kids as much as possible recently to avoid germs, his brief time in the service probably seemed like an adventure to him. Glenn's Mom got him a cute little outfit for his special day, which was a good thing since I am not the world's greatest shopper and had not even thought ahead enough to plan such details!

He's been really cuddly and tired this week...no complaints from me on the cuddly part as I treasure the time holding and playing with him before he's back in ICU. Such mixed feelings as we dread seeing him go through this again, but actually look forward to being through this stage of repair and hope it gives him more energy and stability for his heart's development. A couple things the cardiologist who did his heart cath told us were encouraging...they will be able to close up his chest before he comes out of surgery this time. Also she explained that the amount of time in surgery will be comparable to the 1st surgery, but it's a less complicated procedure. For the most part Dr. Bradley will have to spend less time actually working on his heart, but it may take them a little longer to prep him and get him closed up because of scar tissue etc from the Norwood surgery. Does anyone else find it confusing, by the way, that the name of the second surgery is exactly the same as my husband's name?!? Anyway, here's a link again that gives a broad explanation of the bi-directional Glenn repair:
We'll be headed to Charleston Monday evening as he has to be at MUSC by 9am Tuesday morning for pre-op testing estimated to take about 6 hours. We will also be able to meet with the cardiology team during this time, so please continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors and for Brandt to stay healthy through the next couple days.

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