Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!
Busy as can Be--2 Years Old!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

One year ago today...

...we found out the sweet little baby we were expecting had a serious congenital heart defect. One year ago today began a roller-coaster of a year filled with so many emotions I can't even begin to describe. In some ways, this year has been one of the longest in my life, and in some ways, it's a complete blur. We welcomed our third little boy into this world to watch him go through one medical procedure after another...and bounce back smiling. I could not have imagined the challenges...or the blessings. God has proved Himself faithful time after time, and we trust in that continuing faithfulness in a future of continuing uncertainties.

AND, the latest of the good news...Brandt got a great report from his cardiologist, Dr. Raunikar, at his appointment yesterday! His echocardiogram looked wonderful, and we're able to stop his lasix medication. I'm really excited about that, because it means the fluid around his heart is in good shape. Not to mention that I've been able to stop double-diapering since his fluid output is greatly reduced:-). His weight is back over 15lbs, so he made it back over the 1st percentile as far as weight gain. He's also been eating better, so we were hopeful of this increase, and expect it to improve even more as I'm able to get him started on some solid foods. We should get the blood test results back this weekend or early next week. Barring anything unexpected from those results--no more cardiology appointments for 2 months!!!!

I joked with Dr. Raunikar that we were going to go into doctor withdrawal mode...not really, as it's a huge relief to be able to scale back these visits. But we truly have made friends with this wonderful medical team. From the time Brandt's condition was diagnosed and I started seeing Dr. Greig and Dr. Raunikar on a regular basis, through the communication to the cardiac team in Charleston, we have felt completely supported and cared for on so many different levels. Dr. Raunikar and one of his nurses, Cammy, even called and kept in touch through our emergency visit to Charleston. Diane is a receptionist there at Greenville Hospital System and has checked us in for visit after visit, and when I came out in tears after confirmation that Brandt had an infection and we had to head back to MUSC, she stopped right there and prayed with us...just a few examples of a team going beyond caring for this little baby's physical needs!!

Brandt sees Dr. Stoeber for his six-month pediatric visit on Wednesday of this week. We hope to get his immunizations caught up and discuss reducing reflux meds and a plan to beef up the calories in his diet. Then Thursday I am scheduled to return to work. After such intense time with this little miracle, I am sure I'll have a lot of adjustments to make in the coming weeks. But we praise God for his provision to this point, and look forward to "catching up" in many different areas that have had to be put on hold out of necessity. Brandt will have good bonding time with Glenn's parents and sister, and we thank his Mom for being willing to watch our precious gift. The boys were scheduled to return to school Friday after a LONG Christmas break due to several snow days, but Seth came down with a fever close to 103, so we hope to have them settled back into a routine as well next week. We also continue to keep Brandt in as much as possible throughout the flu season. Lots of changes, once again, and I face them with hope--that is to say--a confidence that God will continue to lead and provide.

I will try to post occasional updates and pictures here, but plan not to have much breaking news or huge developments in the near future. We again sincerely thank all of you for your messages of prayer and encouragement, and ask you to continue to pray that Brandt will remain stable and growing, and that we'll have wisdom for all upcoming decisions.


  1. 15 pounds! Lindy, he's gianormous! My girls didn't hit 15 pounds until well after 8 months and neither of them had ICU stays. You guys are doing amazing!

    We're praying for you during this transition time. The girls and I will come see you this week at work (if we're all healthy): Friday maybe?

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  3. I was just thinking of you on Friday and wondering if you were heading back to work this week. I'll be praying for you as you make the transition and as the family adjusts to the changes, once again. I'm thrilled that Brandt is doing so well!!