Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!
Busy as can Be--2 Years Old!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Last Family Pic with 4 Members!

We made it safely here and got all settled with an amazing welcome committee from Cross Bridge Ministries and Light House Church. The Altmans met us at the apartment armed with groceries and prayers, and we were able to meet other members of the Cross Bridge team at church and lunch on Sunday.

What precious time we had with the boys over the weekend before they headed back 'home' with the grandparents. My mom arrived tonight, and we check in bright and early -- well at least early -- for the scheduled c-section tomorrow morning. Barring any complications or reschedules at the hospital, we should have a new baby soon after 9am!

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  1. We have devotionals at work each morning and tomorrow happens to be my day to lead them. I'm planning on using part of your post from last Wednesday, "Lists" as my devotional. It will be perfect as we then go to prayer for you and Brandt. Looking forward to hearing great news later in the morning.