Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!
Busy as can Be--2 Years Old!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Week before Charleston

"Cuddles" for Brandt in ICU

So my test blog from my phone worked -- Brandt passed his tests yesterday very quickly and I was able to confirm again with the specialist that we could do our last couple "checks" at his office and not leave early for Charleston.

I also got to meet another heart mom from the area -- how awesome is that? Her little man also has HLHS, but after both the Norwood and Glenn surgeries, just celebrated his 6-month birthday and is doing great . . . and what a cutie! It was really good just to talk with her and get some direct input on what to expect at the Children's Hospital and following surgery, and even some good tips on places to eat and take the boys there in Charleston.

Speaking of my two older scholars -- they completed 3rd and 4rth grades, respectively, this week! Looking forward to a week of fun with them. We had to change their school enrollment for next year until we can figure out what's what these coming months. So my sentimental self was teary about saying "goodbye" at least for now to a school where the boys have had excellent training. BUT we will all adjust to the changes, and God will grow us! Everyone has been extremely supportive there at school and we thank the faculty, staff, and other parents with sincere appreciation for their kindness.

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  1. AWW I wanted to be the heart mom to meet you and show you around Charleston. Someone beat me to it! My son is a miracle and didn't follow any of the standard HLHS protocols though. So I don't know who much I could tell you about the stress and anxiety of a newborn having the Norwood. We took him home on hospice and were told he would survive 24-48 hours. I used to read the verse you have in your blog title..."I know the plans I have for you..." and think about the promise of his future. Our God never forgets a promise, 4 months later we had the first open heart surgery (PA bands) and we're now at 6 months waiting for his Glen. We have a wonderful cardiologist at Children's hospital and it seems like they have become an extended family for us. You are very blessed to have the support or family friends and church. My boyfriend and I are pretty much on our own. We are also involved with crossbridge, but I've only seen Melissa Altman once. I have two older daughters (14 and 11) who can't get enough of their brother. It's been difficult for them to adjust to not having me always available and even needing their help around the house. But it's a growing experience for them too. Well sorry my "comment" was so long. Please find me on blogspot...Vance's spot, or facebook- Melissa Sahlmann or email melissasahlmann@yahoo.com. I'll be at children's on the 26th, thinking of you and Brandt.