Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Brandt!
Busy as can Be--2 Years Old!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surgery is FINISHED PTL!!!!!

Super Brandt is on his way back to PCICU . . . approx 1 hour 'til we can see him again. We are overwhelmed by God's goodness!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey-
    Got your blog from Kathy Leckrone. I too am a heart mom with a 4 year old boy with HLHS. We had the Fontane last year. Just wanted to give you some reassurance that kids can do well with this heart defect. Luckily, we have not stumbled upon any major bumps in the road. Although I will always live with that fear, I have to remind myself to have faith in God. Anyway, I will be praying for baby Brandt. We know how hard it is being in PCICU, but Dr. Bradley and staff are wonderful. Here's our blog, www.cafehoward.blogspot.com, just so you know that your son can live a "normal" life with HLHS. Feel free to contact me anytime...I too live in Greenville. God Bless.


  2. Hi -

    I got your BLOG from Kathy Leckrone as well. I am a heart Mom with a little girl with HRHS. She had her Norwood (performed by Dr Bradley) on January 4, 2010. We will be heading back to Charleston in just 3 short weeks for her Glenn. I am praying that your little Super B is well on his way to home by then, but if not then I look forward to meeting you in PCICU or 7C. Getting through the Norwood is a huge hurdle - sounds like your little one is doing well. Rest assured he is in capable hands in the PCICU - they are all top notch. Praying that his chest can be closed soon....
    Love in Christ,
    Tina B
    Mom to Anna Grace (HRHS)

  3. Glenn & Lindy:
    We are so thrilled to hear how God is carrying you and Brandt through this time! It is so encouraging to hear how he is supplying your every need - both physically and emotionally! We will continue to watch the blog and await more great news! One of my favorite passages is Lamentations 3:22-25 where it speaks of God's mercy being new every morning; "great is thy faithfulness". This was particularly special to me during Cameron's surgeries.
    Thinking and Praying for all of you,
    Eric, Deena, Cameron, Sara and Hayden Knight

  4. Congratulations on your sweet baby boy and that his surgery is finished!!!! Hoping he continues to do well in the next few days! :)

  5. Thank you for keeping me updated. i have checked this blog often. Rachel from Calvary Bible Church

  6. Hey guys. We have been praying. We praise the Lord that Brandt is back in PCICU. We will be praying in the days ahead that he won't have any setbacks, etc. It isn't easy being in the PCICU, but they are so well trained. Please make sure to take care of yourselves and have some time in the fresh air, etc. every day. You will be stronger for him if you do. I know it is hard to leave, but have confidence in God and the knowledge He's given your medical staff.
    Lindy, I love you and am praying you have all the grace you need for the days ahead.
    Love, Beccca Gilliam